A farmhouse with lots of history!

The Masía Serradell dates from century XVIII. Nevertheless, their beginnings go back to century XIV.

Serradell has passed times of splendor and their dominions got to include/understand from the same Masía to Montgrony. At the end of century XIX, for example, several families with a multitude of children, about 20 between children and children coexisted, who without a doubt gave life in the Masía. Year 1858 the Chapel, located next to the vault was constructed. It is of neocla’sico-baroque style and it is dedicated to the Purest one.

The activity of the region has been varied, depending on the circumstances socioeconomic, but initially and during enough time it had been concentrated in agriculture. Later the economy derived from the cattle ranch and the logging was added. At the moment the activity of field with the welcome of the familiar tourism.

Serradell has spent periods of splendor and their domains came to understand from the same farmhouse to Montgrony.

A farmhouse to enjoy inside and out!

Playground to play with swings, sandpit and much more.
Children’s toys and bicycles.
Gardens and outdoor spaces to play, run, read, relax, relax.
2 large barbecues to enjoy a good lunch or dinner outdoors.
Great was (with basketball hoop).
Farm rabbits, chickens, cows block … (to participate in agricultural tasks and help to feed the animals).
Culture workshops for Health (relaxation, music therapy, Spontaneous Movement, Yuki..etc).
Information activities for the area: routes and signposted excursions (exclusive for our guests).

If you are looking for rest and relaxation with family ,
Masia Serradell is your place!